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Transportation experts available
Vetted, licensed operators & drivers
24/7 trip support

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I know that I’m traveling with a reputable and safe vehicle operator?

    The Buster team vets every operator personally before they become Buster Verified and can take trips with our customers. All our operators meet all USDOT safety and insurance standards and are required to be in satisfactory standing. Insurance and safety details are available for all Buster customers upon request.

  • Can I rate the vehicle operator that runs my trip?

    Yes, and we hope you will! We are always eager to learn from your experiences traveling with Buster. We share some feedback with operators so they can get better every trip, and we personally review every piece of feedback you send us about Buster and use it to improve our service.


  • How can I get a quote for my trip?

    You can get actual quotes for your trip in just a few minutes. No waiting and no emails or calls required. Just use our trip planner to create your trip, and click “Get Instant Prices.”  You’ll see real quotes for all package options - whether you’re looking for the night of your life in a party bus or a simple ride to the airport. Have a more complex trip? Feel free to call or email us and one of our Event Transportation Coordinators will be happy to plan it out for you.

  • Where do I manage my trip once I’ve booked?

    Once you sign in, you can manage all your trips in your dashboard. Even after you book, you can edit trips and send questions or notes about a trip to our team and your operator.

  • Some of my itinerary details have changed. Can I update my trip?

    Yes! Find the trip you’d like to update in your dashboard, and click through to manage it. On the trip’s page, you can edit your itinerary. You’ll see how changes might affect your trip price before you decide whether to save them.

  • What is Buster’s cancellation policy?

    You can cancel your trip up to a week before it starts. Cancel fees vary depending on how far away your trip is from starting. Canceling 31+ days before a trip starts is a full refund. Canceling 15 days before a trip starts incurs a 30% fee. Canceling 8 days before a trip starts incurs a 50% fee. Canceling within a week of trip start is no refund.

  • How can I contact my trip operator?

    Before your trip, you can ask questions or share information about your trip with Buster and your operator on your trip’s page in your Buster dashboard. Three days before your trip, you'll know your operator. Driver details are typically shared the day before your trip.

  • How can I contact my driver?

    Your driver information will be added to your Trips page for easy reference. On the day of the trip (or the night before your trip if it’s an early morning pick-up) we’ll send you an email notification once we receive the driver’s details.

    A friendly reminder – your driver is not always available to answer your call. Whenever possible, please consider talking with the Operator for immediate assistance. We'll be available as well if you need further assistance.

  • How far in advance should I book my trip?

    Charter operators tend to book up well in advance, so the earlier you book, the more options will be available for your trip. We still guarantee your trip, even if you need to book with only a few days’ notice.

  • I’m looking for certain amenities in the vehicle that I book. How can I find the right option?

    Once you plan your trip and get results from your search, you’ll see packages with different amenities, vehicle types, and sizes. We’ve created packages to make it easier to understand what options really are out there - so if what you’re really looking for is a mini school bus with Wifi and laser lights, you might not see it. But if you’re looking for something operators in your area have, you’ll find the right match.

  • I want to book a trip where we have shuttling vehicles making loops around a few stops. Does Buster provide that option?

    Yes! We are working on a shuttling feature for the trip builder on our website - that is a very common request! In the meantime, if you want continuous shuttles within a time frame, you can build out a round trip, including the addresses and times of the first and final departures, and then just leave us a note on your booking page once you've gone through checkout that you want the vehicles to run shuttles. You can put the passenger count as the # of people you want on the vehicle at one time rather than the entire guest count.

    If you know the exact amount of shuttling trips you’d like, you can build that specific itinerary on the trip builder by clicking "insert a stop" for the desired amount of stops.

  • Is there any limit to the number of destinations I can add to a trip?

    The sky’s the limit. We can’t travel to the sky. This is a ground transportation company. But you can add as many stops on land as you like.

  • I’m going to need multiple vehicles for my trip, and each one needs to make slightly different stops along the way. Is that doable with Buster?

    Yes indeed. We recently built the first shopping cart in travel! Build out all the trips, with all the stops you need, and only check out once.

  • Are there any age requirements?

    The minimum age to use our service is 18. If you or the oldest person traveling will be under 18 at the time of travel, please call us directly to make special arrangements. Some transportation providers require age verification for safety and liability concerns and we want to make sure everyone has a great trip.


  • When is my credit card charged?

    When you book your trip, Buster authorizes your credit card with a $1 hold to verify your payment information. Then, thirty days before your trip, we’ll charge the full trip price on the card you used to book. After your trip, if there are any changes in price because of tolls, parking, damages, or time and mileage overages (yawn, traffic and flight delays), we will notify you and charge your card again for those costs.

  • Are there extra fees on top of the price I see when I'm booking?

    We do our best to avoid any extra charges by including driver gratuity up front when you check out, but sometimes trips do incur extra costs.

    After your trip, if your trip had extras like additional time or mileage, tolls, parking, or damages, we’ll notify you and charge your card for those extra costs. And we’re always happy to help you understand those extras if you have any questions.

  • How much does it cost to use Buster?

    Buster is free to explore and search for trips, and the price you see for each package is the price you pay. Prices vary a lot based on what kind of trip you’re planning.

  • Can I receive a refund from my trip?

    After your trip, you can request a refund if you are not happy with your experience. Our team will review your request, and talk to your trip operator about it. We’ll coordinate to make sure everyone is on the same page, and once everyone agrees, we’ll issue your refund.

  • Is tip included?

    Yes - tip is included in the total price you pay when you book your trip. You do not need to tip your driver the day of your trip. No need to carry cash!

  • I need to change the credit card on my booking.

    You can do that right on your customer dashboard! Just sign in and click your name in the top right. On that page, scroll down to the Payment Details section and click Edit Credit Card.

  • Do you accept checks?

    We only accept debit and credit cards, but fortunately we won’t charge that card until thirty days before your trip. Need reimbursement? You have loads of time.


  • Where are you located?

    Buster operates nationwide, from sea to shining sea.

  • I lost an item on my recent trip. Can you help me retrieve it?

    Yep. We’ve been there. In your Buster dashboard, when you’re looking at the page for your completed trip, look for the button that says "Lose something? Report lost items to your driver and company." You can report as many lost items as you like. It does make the lost item hunt a little easier if you submit each item as a separate report. Once you’ve sent in the details, we’ll work with your trip operator to try and get it back to you.

  • Do Buster vehicles allow eating and/or drinking?

    Sometimes. Look for the food and drink amenities when you’re browsing your options after you search with your trip itinerary. Food is a hamburger (or a veggie burger, you decide). Drink is a little cup.

  • Will my vehicle have a driver?

    Yes. All Buster trips are chauffeured charter trips, so you'll have a driver. Each vehicle you book will have a driver for the entire length of your trip. If your trip is very long, you may have an extra driver on your journey so that the drivers can rotate to stay alert on the road.

  • Can I drive the vehicle myself?

    No, we don’t offer vehicle-only rentals. We only offer chartered trips. All the vehicles come with a driver.

  • I’m looking for a bus ticket.

    We only do private charters; not individual tickets.

  • I only need the vehicle an hour before my event and an hour after - I don’t need it for all that time in between. Is it cheaper to book these as one round-trip or two one-ways?

    Sometimes a round trip with some layover time in-between is cheaper than booking two one-way trips - even if you don't need the driver for that in-between time. Try it both ways with our trip builder, and keep in mind that a round trip may work out to your advantage since you have access to the vehicle(s) and driver(s) for timeframe of your booking.

  • I want to book airport service. Does Buster provide that option?

    Yes! Buster can help you with group transportation to or from the airport. Here are a few tips:

    Once you book, you’ll have the ability to add notes to your reservation. Here, you can let us know your airline, flight number, scheduled arrival time, and any other details you would like to share.

    For domestic arrivals, consider scheduling your pickup time roughly 1/2 hour after flight arrival time.

    For international arrivals, consider scheduling your pickup time roughly 1 - 1.5 hours after flight arrival time. This allows you time to claim luggage and make your way through Customs.

  • Help! My flight is canceled (or delayed). What should I do?

    Yeah, it happens!

    If your trip is for today, give your operator a call as soon as you hear of your delay/cancellation. Can’t find your operator’s name/number? Give us a call and we’ll put you in touch with them.

    Future trip? Send us a note or give us a call. We’ll get in touch with your operator to cancel or reschedule.

  • Will my price change if my flight is delayed / canceled?

    Most operators provide a 15-minute grace period on wait time charges. Additional charges for waiting time vary by operator, the length of the delay, and advance notice. Call your operator as soon as your airline posts a delay or cancellation and keep them advised of any updates by your airline.

  • Can I get a refund if my flight is canceled?

    That depends. Cancellation penalties do apply within 7-days of travel, but we know air travel can be unpredictable and are here to help you.

    If your vehicle was scheduled for today, give your operator a call as soon as you hear of your flight cancellation so they can release the driver. Send us a note or give us a call too, and we’ll work with your operator to keep the costs as low as possible.

    Future trip, but still within 7-days? Send us a note or give us a call. We’ll get in touch with your operator to cancel or reschedule, and still work with your operator to keep the costs as low as possible.

Best Price Guarantee

  • Find a lower price? We’ll match it.

    Our Best Price Guarantee applies to every trip sold on Buster.

    If you find a lower price on a guaranteed booking for the same itinerary, we'll match it and refund 100% of the difference. Just call or chat with us using the live chat feature on our website at least 8-days prior to your trip date to let us know of the lower price, then send us the written price quote and we'll take it from there. Additional restrictions and “fine print” below.

  • How do I qualify?

    The Best Price Guarantee applies to the final (post-discount) total cost of your trip, inclusive of all taxes, fees, and gratuity. We will honor the guarantee any time up to and including the date that is 8 days prior to your trip date (the “Submission Deadline”). If you submit a lower price to us after the Submission Deadline, we are not obligated to match the lower price. This guarantee does not apply to past trips that you’ve booked with us, or cancelled bookings.

    To qualify for the Best Price Guarantee, the lower price must be available to the general public without the use of coupon or discount code promotions, membership, loyalty and/or rewards points. The lower price must be quoted in U.S. dollars and must be inclusive of all taxes, fees, and gratuity equivalent to the gratuity automatically applied to Buster trips. To qualify for the Best Price Guarantee, the payment and cancellation policies of the operator offering the lower price must be equivalent to our policies, as determined by us at our discretion. Further, the lower price quote must be an exact match to the trip you booked including date(s), time(s), mileage, itinerary (origin, destination, stops), vehicle type, number of vehicles and passenger count. The operator providing the service at such lower price must be U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) certified, carry $5,000,000 minimum automobile liability insurance ($1,500,000 on vehicles with a maximum capacity of 14 passengers) and licensed to perform transportation identified in the itinerary booked.

    We accept lower price quote submissions on or before the Submission Deadline. The lower price quote may be in writing on the operator’s letterhead, and include the full itinerary, vehicle details (type and capacity), payment and cancellation policy, and price details (inclusions & discounts), or may be in the form of an online quote. Online quote submissions require a screenshot of the price quote, showing the full itinerary, price, payment and cancellation policies, and a valid URL that enables us to check on the operator’s licensing and insurance. All quotes must be on available/confirmable vehicles (quotes for waitlists, requests, and/or pending 3rd party fulfillments do not qualify for this guarantee), and must be dated within 48-hours of the date you submit the quote to us.

    To claim your refund, you can get the ball rolling by calling us, chatting with a representative, or sending us a message on your trip page to let us know about the lower rate you've found. We'll take down the basics, then ask you to submit your quote details. Quote details should be sent to Support@Buster.com. Once we verify that the lower price quote meets all of the foregoing requirements, we'll adjust the rate on your trip - it's that easy!

Automated Booking Management

Buster handles automated quoting, invoicing, and customer service in one centralized, beautifully-designed dashboard. So you can finally spend more time driving your business forward, while maintaining complete control.

  • Where do I keep track of all of my bookings?

    On your Trips page, you can see all upcoming and past trips and individually manage each one.

  • How does Buster facilitate communication between the customer and me?

    Before a trip, the Buster team is there to facilitate any communication needs with your customer. Three days before the trip’s departure, we’ll ask you for the driver details and share them with the customer so you can be in touch directly.

  • How soon after a trip ends should I close my trip?

    As soon as possible. You’ll receive an email from Buster reminding you to close your trip about 12 hours after the trip ends, but you can always do it earlier. The sooner you close, the sooner we can pay you for the trip.

  • Does Buster keep track of transaction history, revenue, and trips I’ve taken?

    Yes, we do. In your My Metrics section you’re able to view and export all data about your Buster transactions, revenue, and trips.

Hassle Free Payments

When our system handles a booking, you are protected by a robust, secure, and flexible payment system. With customer payment information on file and daily reconciliation, you’ll never need to chase checks for extra fees, damages, or cancellations.

  • When and how do I get paid for trips?

    We pay you by direct deposit seven days after you close your trip. We reconcile payments every day, so you don’t have to wait for a particular day of the week.

  • What’s done to make sure I receive payment after a trip and to prevent the customer from dodging the bill?

    The customer’s payment information is on file from the moment they book, and they pay in full before the trip. The card is saved so we can also bill them for all additional fees at the end of the trip. You’re protected by our robust and secure payment system, so we ensure you don’t have to chase checks for any costs associated with a trip.

  • What about additional fees like tolls, parking, overtime, or damages which may accumulate during a trip?

    After you return from each trip, you can adjust costs to reflect these fees under your Trips page.

  • How do I go about canceling a trip?

    If you can no longer take a trip, you must farm-out the trip so another Buster Verified Operator can pick it up. If you need to farm-out a trip, you’ll incur a $100 penalty. You’re never required to initially accept a trip from the Buster exchange, so if you are not sure whether you’ll be able to take a trip, it’s best not to accept it.

    If you farm out a trip within seven days of the trip departure, you’ll be charged 25% of the booking cost or $100, whichever is greater, for the emergency farm-out.

    If a customer makes changes to a trip itinerary that result in a change of value of 25% or more, and you no longer want to take the trip, you’ll have have 24 hours to farm out the trip without any penalties.

  • What if my friend can take the trip?

    If you accept a trip through the Buster exchange, YOU are required to take the trip with YOUR vehicles. If your friend wants to take the trip instead, we’d love to have them join Buster as well. Then you can farm-out the trip and they can accept it. Otherwise, the only way to farm-out a trip is through the Buster exchange, to our pool of Buster Verified Operators.

  • Does Buster take a commission on Buster generated trips?

    Buster takes a 10% commission on all trips. We also charge a 2.9% credit card processing fee.

  • How does Buster help reconcile any damage done to my vehicle(s) during a trip?

    After a trip, you can submit a damage report from the Trips page in your Buster dashboard. We’ll review your report and share it with the customer, and if we agree that the claim is valid, the customer will be liable for the damages.

  • How can I view the most up-to-date total trip cost?

    You can always view your receipt under the Trips page in your dashboard to see the current cost. And any time a customer updates a trip itinerary, we’ll send you an email.

Fair Competition

When you become Buster Verified, you’re joining a community of operators who value quality and safety. With automated compliance checks, clear ratings, and customer reviews, you are operating on a level playing field of exclusively reputable operators.

  • What is required to become verified on Buster?

    We work with each operator we verify to ensure they are providing the best quality, service, and safety to customers. We make sure Buster operators meet all federal, state, and local safety qualifications. They must also add Buster as an additional insured on their vehicle liability insurance policy and the coverage must be primary and noncontributory to any insurance held by Buster. The insurance coverage must be provided by an insurance company with a rating of “A-” or better by A.M. Best Company or its equivalent, and provide a waiver of subrogation in favor of Buster.

  • How long does it take to get verified?

    You can complete your profile in less than an hour. As part of the verification process, our team will visit you in person to take professional photographs of your vehicles. The sooner we can schedule an appointment, the sooner we can have you live and ready to take trips.

  • How often does my safety information need to be updated?

    As often as it expires. We require expiration dates for all uploaded documents, so we’ll be sure to remind you when an expiration date is coming up.

  • Can customers rate my company and/or driver after a trip?

    Yes, and we encourage them to do so. This will help us ensure all Buster Verified Operators provide the best service possible.

  • Can I rate my customers after a trip?

    Yes. We encourage you to give feedback about your customer so we can understand your experience working with Buster and ameliorate any issues.

Instant Online Bookings

We are invested in the best digital marketing practices available, so we can give your company a robust, expanded reach. Through Buster, customers can book online, directly and seamlessly, and find you more easily.

  • How does Buster make it easier for customers to book with me?

    Buster operators have exposure to a robust consumer audience that they may not be in front of already. We make booking much easier for customers, and we make connecting with those customers much easier through the Buster exchange.

  • My pricing is unique depending on day of week, time of day, month of year, and various holidays. How can I accurately reflect that to customers?

    We’ve developed tools to account for dynamic pricing. You can adjust price based on month, day of the week, time of day, and specific holidays under your My Fleet page. We designed our pricing tools to help you make your profile as uniquely customized, and as true to your business as possible. You can manage base, time, and mileage rates for each of your vehicles on your My Fleet Inventory page. You can also set gratuity, overnight fee, and shuttling fee.

  • How is the price of a trip determined?

    We use real prices from all of our operators to find the overall market average that a customer sees. If you like the price of a trip that comes through the exchange, take it! If you’re busy that day, you can just ignore it.

  • Why do I need to give the driver’s cell phone number when confirming each trip?

    We require driver cell phone numbers so that customers can reach the driver personally with any last minute details about the trip, coordinate as necessary during the trip, and establish a more personal connection with your driver and your business during the trip.